02 April 2012

Hot Off the Press!

I iron my own shirts. I was never able to justify spending money at the cleaners on an item that I could launder at home. I don't like starch, because it distresses a shirt's fabric and causes it to wear more quickly, but I don't like to see latent wrinkles appear as the day progresses. I'm not talking about new wrinkles, but the ones that the iron didn't entirely get out the first time.

When My last iron went kaput, I decided it was time to invest in a high-quality steam iron that would do the job right. My solution was this offering from Rowenta. Made in Germany rather than somewhere in China, this iron presses a shirt to the max, eliminating wrinkles completely, so long as there is water in the reservoir. It was a little expensive, although many irons cost a lot more, but the speed with which it irons and the quality of the finished product is well worth the investment.

If you iron your own shirts and use starch out of necessity rather than preference, this baby will retire the need for spray starch, save you time, and leave you smiling.
Rowenta Master steam iron, $59.95, available at Costco.


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