16 March 2012

I Believe You Have My Stapler...

The Rio Red Swingline Stapler...Milton's choice.
I've always been a big fan of the film "Office Space", and I loved Stephen Root's character Milton Waddams and his infatuation with a contraband red Swingline stapler that he kept during a corporate changeover to a different supplier.

For the film, the art department custom painted an existing Swingline stapler to make the red one seen on screen. In the aftermath of the film's release, Swingline received so many calls from enthusiasts wanting the stapler from "Office Space" that they decided to make one. At the time, the red 747stapler was not part of their product lineup.

The "Rio Red" stapler was released as a special edition and can be found on ebay or Amazon for those interested. I bought one for my desk, and made sure to buy it on my own rather than seeking company reimbursement so that it could never be taken from me, as it is ultimately taken from Milton.

The funny part is that the confiscation of Milton's stapler finally leads him to set his office on fire. If only he'd gone out and bought his own in the first place!


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