31 January 2012

The Concept of Reinvention

Nature abhors a vacuum.
Nature abhors a vacuum and will do anything to fill it.
The process of clearing out the old extends an invitation for universal energy to fill the void with abundance. In easily identifiable terms, this void may be defined as a freshly emptied closet, once packed with old clothes that had long since been worn; living quarters cleared of broken things... lamps, furniture, and assorted nick-knacks; or a life that was once crippled by disorganization and a thirst for affirmation.

In the case of the latter, a personal decision must be made to let the old life pass away, so that it can be made new. In my personal experience, the old was a heavy smoking, heavy drinking clod who tried to present a false air of success and importance to others. I was operating under the assumption that if others saw me as successful I would be happier... except I believed that I first had to convince people that I was important before they would see me as successful. The paradox there was that I also felt I had to fool people into thinking I was successful before they would see me as important, so obviously I was fighting a losing battle.

Now, I have finally learned the meaning of success, and it's simpler than I ever thought.
Success is enjoying your time. If by this definition I am successful, it doesn't matter if people think I'm important or not. It doesn't even matter if people think I'm successful, and since only I will actually know if I am enjoying my time, I can't even fool myself. By this definition, true success is not something that you can fake. It has to be real, 100% of the time.

I used to write and maintain another blog site. I wrote articles on men's style with a heavy instructional emphasis, attempting to fake success by inferring that I was some sort of authority on the subject. The longer I kept it going the more ridiculous it became. At times, I found myself desperately trying to come up with more material that I could advise upon, needing more and more to prove to myself that I was an expert at something. I stopped enjoying it. I stopped enjoying the time that I devoted to it. This made success an impossibility, and the site became a constant reminder to myself that I was not successful.

But was that a bad thing? No. And here is why. Because nature abhors a vacuum. Nature abhors a vacuum and will do anything to fill it. I had created in my life a success-vacuum, and had opened a door for the universal energy to have a place to put more abundance for me. I had to achieve a feeling of brokenness and lack of success so that I would be able to let go of the old, create a void, and embrace the new.

Now I do not smoke, I do not drink, and I exercise regularly. I eat well and put good things into my body. And now I have created this site. This site is not here for me to claim expertise on anything. I didn't create this site hoping that it would catch on with a slew of readers and be popular or successful. I didn't create this site to say "Hey, look at me. Read my material. I'm important." This site is not full of the ramblings of a braggart. And while you are welcome to read from and (hopefully) enjoy it, this site is not here for you. It is here for me. And this site is already a success, because it is here to assist me in enjoying my time.

I will simply fill the space on this site with things that I like. It may be pictures of a nice car, a nice watch, or a tailored suit. It may be a beautiful woman or the account of my enjoyment of the perfect cup of coffee. But it will be a testament to how I enjoy my time, and thus, a testament to my success.


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